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The Couple

Our journey started in the year 2020 with a simple wish; make pottery of our own. We decided to get our own potter's wheel and were instantly hooked! After endless efforts and some minor mishaps, our clay turned into beautiful ceramics.

Determined, we enrolled in the University of YouTube for Ceramic Arts( lol ) and a whole new world opened up.


Avni uses her vivid imagination to create quirky and fun pieces. Her pieces stimulate our inner child all while leaving you mesmerized by her choice of colors and designs.

​Ashish is meticulous(near OCD) and also creates the formulas for the glazes. He loves modern, clean designs and won’t stop at perfect.

We love making unique pots, unlike those you find in most home decor stores. Functional and beautiful meets quirky and fun. Clay is the medium we use to express ourselves and it evokes feelings from deep inside our psyche.


The Pottery

Our pots start their journey as moist Stoneware bodies. Each portion of clay is carefully wedged, de-aired and weighed. The clay balls are then thrown on the wheel to be shaped. Once the pots reach the leather hard stage, they are trimmed to further refine the shape, following which they’re shelved until bone dry. Once dried thoroughly, they are bisque fired to 999 Degrees Celsius for 8-10 hours; this hardens the pots and turns clay to ceramic; an irreversible chemical reaction. 


The second phase in our pots’ life is getting glazed. 

Glazing is key in achieving the silica coating that protects and strengthens the pot, all while adding colors, textures and unique effects and patterns that stem from our imagination. 

Glazing is an entire science in itself and rarely, if ever, can be related to colour theory.

Once the glaze has been applied, our pots go for a second firing at 1222 Degrees Celsius for another 8-10 hours. Having spent a total of 5 days in our Kiln, the pots are ready and are waiting to go to their new homes. By the way, our glazes are made in artisanal batches in-house.

Pottery Workshop

Pottery is uplifting for both the mind and the soul. Here at Couple of Potters, we offer a fun filled opportunity for anyone who wishes to have a sneak peek into the vast and intriguing world of pottery.

We’ll take you through a crash course that can help answer questions like: What is clay? What is glaze? How to prepare the clay? and so on. You will be taught to transform a lump of clay into a piece of art that you can proudly call your own.  We’ll take you through the two most important techniques - hand-building and wheel throwing. On a different day, you’ll return to get a first hand experience on how to decorate and glaze your pottery.

At the end of this workshop, you will get an insight about what goes on inside a pottery studio and the work that goes into making a pot.

You will also get to take your creation home with you! Yay!



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